How coaching is changing leadership and culture in the workplace

July 1, 2022
Pablo Romero

Humanity’s need for agile and adaptive workplaces is clearer (and louder) than ever. Hybrid workplaces are the latest evolution in the world of work and people are demanding autonomy for how they want (and choose) to work. This, and other human-centred needs, values, and goals, is introducing new power dynamics and relational challenges that most leaders and organizations do not (yet) have the skills, strategies, and tools to navigate. This is why professional coaching is so vital, in today’s and tomorrow’s workplaces.

The role of Manager is changing

High-functioning and -performing organizations are moving towards building cultures that are more inclusive, autonomous, and less hierarchical. With this, the notion of ‘performance management’ is changing and evolving to one of more leadership and coaching - where external or internal coaching competencies are being weaved into the fabric of how an organization develops its people.

The impact of coaching

Let’s start with what professional coaching is not. It is not mentoring, training, consulting, or athletic development (see our comparing modalities matrix). Instead, it’s an individualized approach to growing competency and capacity which can include:

Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.
The International Coaching Federation's definition of coaching

If you are looking for some ‘proof in the pudding’, The International Trade Commission released an insightful report titled Coaching for Empowerment, where the organization shares their experience and the value (ROI) they created by transitioning to a coaching culture. And of course, we’re always up for sharing our lived experiences, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Following a coaching approach

Our focus is in developing the mindsets, skills, and accountability needed in the evolving (and human) world of work. It’s likely not surprising that many of the existing leadership models are (or are becoming) outdated. Respectfully, what got us ‘here’, won’t necessarily get us ‘there’. Instead, we offer an agile and adaptive approach to coaching, influenced by Co-Active Methodologies - the largest and most acclaimed coach and leadership training in the world. Some of our coaches are ICF designated, meaning they’ve diligently trained and continuously engage in the development of their own craft.

Co-Active Leadership Model: A multi-dimensional model for every leadership style.

In its essence, a approach is built on the belief that coaching, and leadership, is a one size fits one relationship. This means that our experiential tools and exercises are designed to help leaders step into (and own) their own unique impact. We focus on the whole person, developing their ‘Leader Within’, and then moving on to the other domains of leadership - ‘Leader In Front, Beside, and Behind’. We live in an increasingly complex world, with rapidly changing needs, and The Ally Co. offers leaders the opportunity develop the adaptability and agility needed to thrive in today's rapidly changing landscape.

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