TACO's trusted advisors working with individual leaders and leadership teams.
Leadership support
Trusted advising for leaders

Our leadership support engagements use the modalities of consulting, coaching, and teaching to support leaders in aligning their intentions and desired impact.

By following a human-centred, system-design, and power-conscious approach, each of our engagements goes through a process to meaningfully align core values, needs, and hopes/fears.

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The evolving role and impact of leadership

Organizations, and specifically leaders, are experiencing a growing demand from their team members for the redistribution of power, changes to cultural ways of working, and real accountability and transparency.

Assessing current impact

The first step is to establish a current understanding of leadership impact by exploring the alignment between how a leader sees themself and how others experience them.

The inclusive and agile design of our discovery activities (360°s, interviews, workshops, etc.) enables us to gain a more intimate understanding of leadership through the stories, perspectives, and feedback of those experiencing it.

Developing for desired impact

Informed by meaningful feedback, our trusted advisors help leaders to create personalized impact plans that include strategies for developing deeper levels of awareness, skill, and capacity.

At this point, leaders have a few different pathways for working closely with our trusted advisors - regular 'traction' and coaching sessions, project-based consulting services, and more.

Using power consciously

In our field of work, all roads connect back to power and leadership. So, the desired impact of our leadership support work is to change (for the better) the way leaders operationalize their power.

This means we care about accountability, traction, and feedback. Working closely with leaders, this work can include support in weaving new learnings into existing (or upcoming) projects, relationships, and/or cultural ways of working.


What some of our Spec-TACO-lar clients have to say

“I am so happy we chose to engage The Ally Co. to create an onboarding experience for our newest executive placement. The process was both inclusive and rewarding and set our organization up to succeed by highlighting important milestones in a deliberate plan, agreed upon in advance by our team. Personally, I found huge value in understanding the first 90 days of our new hire. This allowed me to be strategic with my early interactions and not risk overwhelming. This could not have gone better and was an excellent first impression for someone entering our environment.”
Mayor Jeff Genung, Cochrane
“The Ally Co. are passionate about creating environments where employees can bring their whole self to work. They lead with empathy and trust - building strong relationships across peers, colleagues and leaders resulting in change at a company and individual level. Their approach is empowering, thoughtful and personalized. I am fortunate to have them as confidants, trusted advisors, and friends.”
Meghan Armstrong, Senior Manager B2C Design at Glassdoor
“The Ally Co. came in to help our team and organization at Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids at a time when we were going through some difficult growing pains. Their approach was people-centred while guiding a clear and strategic path that acknowledged the growth and helped us become a more effective and efficient organization. They build trust with the people they are working with and lay a foundation for trust amongst the people. This ensures results for all.”
Tanya Koshowski, past Executive Director at Brown Bagging for Calgary's Kids

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